On Invincible Might

Spiritual power disolves violence. Humility disarms the evil one. The Mother of God undoes force. Our martial saints are sanctified not by their military successes, but rather by the embrace of their own, unnecessary martyrdoms. The Queen of the heavenly array has a glance that is unbearable to our enemies, for in her eyes is seen the glory of her Son. This glory pierces all upon whom she gazes. Her purified, human will focusses this radiance. Evil melts away. Similarly, evil perpetrators flee before they suffer collapse. Just as a martial saint chooses eirenic calm, so as to be with his Lord, so do sinners choose the outer darkness, so as to be without Him. This is the secret of infernal life. The milder shores of hell are insufficent for its immigrants. The tedium is pointless. Their only magnetic pole of attraction is the promise of more pain. There is a willing, downward migration to the centre, to the uttermost offer of torture. The hope is that the maximal possibility of pain will justify their self-condemnation. This hope is vain. Pointlessness is not burnt away by fire. Hell cannot be bad enough for its citizens.